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Dublin Virtually Live Project

June 19, 2011

Grafton StreetThe goal of this project is to create, within a 3D Web environment, conditions satisfying all three conditions for a World Of City Building Game (WOCB) (3D Web is the set of technologies that put user browsers in an online, interactive 3D environment).


. Compared to traditional city building, the first innovation is to be able to “become a citizen” and interact more directly with other citizens (computer characters) in your city. You can only be one citizen at a time but you can change which citizen you inhabit.

. The second innovation is to be able to run your game online to interact with other players as city planners. The other city planners are real people playing behind the cities and characters that your city and characters interact with.

. The third innovation is to be able to have the game run 24.7. Your city could operate and trade following your policies in your absence, just as you could interact with other players cities in their absence.

Second Life:

  • DOES have real players operating each citizen (Avatars).
  • Does NOT have sophisticated computer-operated citizens (Bots) who can do things for you and run things for you in your absence.
  • DOES have an economy based on standard legal tender (Linden Dollars)
  • Does NOT have “raw materials” to be acquired by labor.
  • DOES have goods and services created by Avatar labor and sold, bartered, or gifted in exchanges.
  • Does NOT have goods and services created by Bot labor
  • DOES have multiple separate enterprises (Sims) operated by other players
  • Does NOT have numerically calculated ratings of citizen quality of life, operation economic sustainability.

O'Connell Bridge, River Liffey

dvl city key screenshot

Blarney Stone Irish Bar

Volta Theatre

Saint Patrick's Weei

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